** Mokii verdensvinder 2015 **
** Cody Verdensvinder 2015 **

Kennel Sankt Xandors


We are Per and Tina Christiansen, living in a small village in the middle of Sealand, we have 2 boys, Kevin from 1985 and Patrick from 1991.

Tina is raised with dogs, Per have participated since 1985, when we bought our first 2 common dogs, both Saint Bernards.

For several years we have bred Saint Bernards. A lot of our breeding material we imported from Brigitte Linser, kennel vom Fugerhof in Austria. All these years we have been to exhibitions in most of Europe.

In 2009, after some years of problems and disagreements in the Danish Club of Saint Bernards (DSBK), it became too much, because the breeders in DSBK, were more busy making trouble, and pointing fingers at one another, than taking care of the promotion and health of the breed. Because of all this trouble, we sold our young breeding dogs, to a couple of good kennels. The oldest female Tiny, who is mummy’s dog, and a little spoiled, will stay here, and enjoy her retirement.

Our knowledge of this wonderful breed, actually started in a funny way. After have been breeding Saint Bernards for many years, we wanted a breather from the big dogs, and all the problems in DSBK.

One night we sat in our office, surfing at the internet. Per ”googled” medium size dogs, and out came a lot of results. We read of many different breeds, without finding anything of great interest. At some time, the search result said Kai. The link appeared to refer to the homepage of the Danish Kennel Club, including FCI’s standard for the breed Kai. We had never heard of this breed, in spite of many years experience with dogs.

Naturally, this had to be examined more closely. The more we read about this breed, the more convinced we became, that this was the breed for us. And at the time Per saw Mokii on You Tube, it was impossible to negotiate with him.

Later on, we naturally had to have an ”original”. After one year of search for a dog in Japan, we found a super kontact in Japan, who helped us find Cody, and get him to Danmark

This is the beginning of the story of our Kai dogs, and you can read more about this wonderful breed, on the page ”The breed Kai”.  

Tina & Per Christiansen. Hammershusvej 24. 4370 St. Merløse. Tlf: +45 22119064. Mail: kaitoraken@gmail.com                Følg os også på Facebook: kaitoraken

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